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Zoom Class - Elevate your Scrap Sewing with Sallieann Harrison

Zoom Class - Elevate your Scrap Sewing with Sallieann Harrison

Zoom Video Class 28th March 7pm GMT

Session 1 Liberty Pleat Projects – session will be around 1 ¼ - 1 ½ hours.


To attend this class, you MUST be in possession of my book – Elevate Your Scrap Sewing Projects or in possession of the original pattern for the Liberty Pleat Cushion


In response to popular demand (thank you everyone!) – I am going to do a LIVE ZOOM session based on projects in my book. I want you to get it off the shelf and start creating! This session is designed to appeal to the more visual learners amongst you, and those that learn by “doing”. There will be some chat too!


In this first session I will be demoing and talking through the trickier aspects of the Liberty Pleat bucket bag and the Liberty Pleat Cushion. I will also show you how you can expand on the technique to make a circular set of pleats. No measurements will be given during the LIVE session as they are all in the book/pattern.


If you miss the LIVE session there’s no need to worry you will be able to access the recording later and play it back as many times as you wish!


As a bonus for signing up I will also send you a coupon for 50% off my best-selling pattern Liberty Pleats pouch (which was the first pleat fold project that I made as an experiment until my friend Sandy gave me a bit of a push with the words “I think you may have something there”!)


When you place your order, you will receive your coupon code for the Liberty Pleat Pouch pattern and your Zoom video link details for 28th March.


Hoping I haven’t missed anything and that lots of you can join me!


Happy Stitching


Sallie x


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